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I Am Moody, Am I Bipolar?

Is it normal to feel too much happiness? There are constant shifts in my mood, do I need to worry about it? I feel sad at a particular moment, another moment I feel as if I am on cloud nine. I do not know what to do? I do not know whom I should talk to? I have tried to research about it, but all I got was the word Bipolar. What is Bipolar? Do I have Bipolar?

If these are your thoughts which are running in your mind, then you should read this, to know more about Bipolar.

A person with Bipolar Disorder has extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (Mania and Hypomania) and lows (Depression). Normally the mood lasts for hours, but in bipolar disorder the person’s same mood lasts for several days or a week. These extreme changes in mood cause difficulties in daily routine and social interactions, like going to school or work, causing disruptions in relationships with loved ones.

In this disorder, a person might have depressive symptoms like extreme sadness, loss of interest, suicidal thoughts, sleeplessness, etc. He/ She might also experience extreme energy (mania), which will lead to overactivity in a person’s routine. Such as spending too much money for shopping, being restless, doing multiple tasks at one time. Some might feel irritated or get angry too much or too easily.

A person with Bipolar Disorder might have grandiose thinking, such as feeling that he/she has some supernatural powers. He/she has some mission to complete. He/She is some famous personality.


  • Mood lasts for hours.
  • Mood does not affect daily routine or functional areas of life.
  • Naturally, Mood swings are caused due to the situation or a reason. For example, In the morning the person was happy, in the evening the person feels sad after hearing some bad news or something bad situation she/he faces.

Bipolar Disorder

  • Bipolar disorder lasts for days, weeks or months
  • Bipolar disorder affects functional areas of life and causes difficulties in relationships of loved ones.
  • In bipolar disorder, mood swings do not have any reason or situation to occur in such a mood. For example, a man is happy and suddenly gets angry or feels depressed without any reason.
If you find yourself or anyone in your family or surrounding yourself with such symptoms, approach mental health professionals to have proper diagnosis and treatment for it. 

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