Improving your memory

How not to forget!

Ability to remember the events is something which is unique to us. We remember all the details of childhood days to our journeys through our lives. When we are young we need to remember all that we study in schools and when we are old we will have difficulties to remember our daily chores.

Memory is an important function of the brain. It can get affected when individual have difficulties in attention, disturbed mood states and when there is neuronal cell loss in the brain. Memory functions are at its best when one is mentally fit. One can improve the memory by adapting better study skills. At manoshanti we help you learn the basic memory skills and study skills.

Memory in elderly is affected by physical illness and aging factors. With increasing age one finds difficulty to learn new information while they continue to remember all the past information. Memory decline is seen in persons with dementia. At manoshanti we do comprehensive evaluation of the elderly with difficulties in remembering and help them improve their memory functions.


We provide services for the following memory related issues

  • Help children with attention and memory difficulties
  • Help individuals with improve study related skills
  • Help older individuals who have difficulties in remembering

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