Handling relationships better

Relationships matter!


We understand how we humans are different from all other organisms in the world. We live in the world connected with the people around us and the most of the time we spend time our near and dear ones. Our social connect with the near and dear ones is the thread of our life which keeps us going on and also helps us lead a purposeful life.

How well do we get along with our spouse or parents? Do we become angry on a daily basis? Have there been big fights within our homes?  If so then we need to look at the relationship and make certain changes to improve the situation. Be in marital distress or issues with friends, have a pleasant relationship is what we need to work towards.

At manoshanti we do help you understand your relationships and look at how you can work towards improving the same.


We provide services for the following relationship related issues

  • Help individual improve their relationships in social situations like work place or schools
  • Help individuals to improve their relationships with close family members like spouse and family members
  • Help individuals with sexual difficulties with their partners

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