Imparting mental health education and teaching the next generation of mental health professionals is our passion.

⦁ We conduct an annual conference for psychiatry postgraduate students “ Skills Training Exercise for Psychiatry Postgraduates” since 2016. This aims at imparting essential clinical skills to budding mental health professionals with a view to capacity building. This program has gained popularity over the years and is conducted in two cities Bengaluru and Pune since 2019. 
⦁   It also runs an online portal ( called “Training Initiative for Psychiatry Postgraduates” which provides a platform to connect over 1200 postgraduate student members from India and other SAAARC countries.  

Social Responsibility

We believe that mental health for all can only be achieved by raising awareness on mental health issues in the larger community. Stigma related to mental health is a major barrier to access mental health care.

As part of our social responsibility we are involved in raising mental health awareness through the activities of our non-profit organization:

SUMANA – A Global initiative for mental health awareness, education and research(

Our activities are:

  • Promoting mental health awareness in the general population about early prevention and identification of mental health disorders through popular and social media by radio talks, newspaper articles, blogs.
  • We have developed website which provides easily understandable information on mental health directed towards youth
  • We run a School mental health program with a view to spreading awareness, early identification and primary prevention of suicide by enabling mental health in adolescents and young adults
  • Spreading awareness on mental health issues through Manaswi ’  a Community mental health program by SUMANA aims at providing primary mental health services in the rural community.
  • Promote collaborative research at the community level with a view to enhancing mental health care delivery from a public health perspective.